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Welcome to ‘A Wee Pinch of Sugar’ aptly named as it’s one piece of advice my mother always gave after tasting my food. Like salt and pepper, a wee pinch of sugar could make all the difference to the taste of a casserole or a pot of soup, and she also insisted that mother was always right. She was right and I find myself doing just that when making many dishes.

I’m a great believer in ‘Let food be they medicine’ (Hipppocrates). Food nurtures and comforts, it’s sociable and even the most simple meal with family or friends can bring enormous pleasure. Food brings us together in many different ways.

We are fortunate that Scotland has natural larder, full of fantastic food, beef, lamb, pork, poultry and game, fish and shellfish, much of which is produced by smaller local farmers and food producers who care passionately about animal welfare and provenance. Meeting the producers and using this produce in my cooking gives me a real sense of connection with the food I’m eating; a real field to fork experience.

My blog is my way of sharing these food stories and recipes with you. I’ll also be including what’s happening with my own ‘grow your own’ plans for the garden and tell you about what my 6 chickens get up to.


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