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The packet spice range from Our House of Spice


Products that create shortcuts with cooking are fine by me,  providing I’m using quality natural ingredients that don’t compromise  the finished dish. I was more than happy to cook  the dishes with spice mixes sent to me from Our House of spice . The mixes form part of the ‘spice packet range’ and contain no additives other than the addition of salt. Being a family of spicy food lovers, the two dishes were ideal accompaniments to our Saturday night curry.

The mixes are simply packed with the recipe for each dish on the rear of the label

The mixes are simply packed with the recipe for each dish on the rear of the label

potato label

bombay potatoes


The recipes, Bombay potatoes and Tarka Dhal  were simple to make and the blends are ideal if you don’t have a lot of spices, recipes, or indeed time to spend in the kitchen. With the mixes, all that’s required is the fresh ingredients and a few minutes preparation time. For the Bombay potatoes, oil, potatoes, garlic and fresh coriander and for the Tarka dhal, red lentils and an onion.  Both had a great level of spice and flavour and were ideal accompaniments to our homemade chicken Jalfrezi.

Tarka dhal label lentil dhal


Other mixes in the ‘spice packet range’ include,

  • Raita Spiced Yoghurt Dip
  • Medium Masala Curry
  • Baked Chicken

About Our House of Spice

The Cambridge based company was founded by sisters Nadia and Julia to enable them to share their heritage food and recipes in the same way their mother did with friends and family. Having been brought up surrounded by Indian food and learning from their mother, their experience taught them that food brings people together. The dishes they sell as part of their frozen range and the spice packets use family recipes that have been handed down through the generations to provide the authentic ‘Our House of Spice’ experience at home.


The spice range is available on line from Our House of Spice and you can also read more of their story and products on the website








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