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New face at Partick Farmers Market

If you’re heading to Partick Farmers market today, look out for the new face on the block. Renfrewshire artisan food company, Aye Love Real Food, are making their debut at the market. Owned by husband and wife team, Mark and Jacqui Davidson, they are no strangers at the Ayshire farmers markets, although this is their first visit to the Glasgow markets.

Using the best local Tamworth pork and Aberdeen Angus beef, they make a delicious range of Scotch eggs, beef pasties and stews. Their specialty, scotch eggs, come in a delcious range of flavours including, pork & haggis, pork & black pudding, and pork & chorizo. There’s also a special limited edition Christmas egg with cranberry and festive spices.aye love real food collageMark and Jacqui offer a variety of different stews and tomorrow’s special is their delicious pulled beef chilli. If you’re visiting the Partick market tomorrow, be sure to drop past Aye Love Real Food to stock up and try some of the tasty samples on offer


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