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Christmas dinner and Turkey from St Brides Poultry.

If you haven’t given any thought to Christmas dinner yet, there is still time to order from the local farmers and producers who produce some of the fantastic food that makes up the wonderful Scots larder. If turkey or chicken is on the menu then why not think about buying a locally produced bird. You will be rewarded with a bird with great flavour and you’ll also be supporting local independent business.

Turkey is always the choice for Christmas dinner in our house and we’ll be tucking into a bird from St Brides Farm in Strathaven, Lanarkshire.  It’s been a busy time on the farm, as poultry farmers Robert and AJ Morris prepare for Christmas, supplying some of Scotland’s best hotels and their regular customers at  Lanarkshire farmers markets.

Doing what nature intended, foraging on the farm

Doing what nature intended, foraging on the farm

At St Brides, they select slow growing flavoursome breeds, that mature slowly, doing what nature intended, free ranging all day long, foraging and scratching around the farm. The slow growing bronze variety and more the gamey black turkey thrive in this free range setting. The birds are fed non GM grain and as a special treat they enjoy the mash from the nearby Strathaven Brewery. All of this allows them to happily grow at their own pace, promoting the texture and truly delicious flavoured bird.

There’s still time to order from St Brides, and if turkey isn’t for you, they also have ducks, guinea fowl and capons. This weekend you’ll find Robert and AJ at Lanarkshire’s Strathaven farmers market and next weekend at Hamilton (Sat)  and Clarkston (Sun).

Wandering free

Wandering free

For further information :  or contact telephone 01357 529989

To find out more about Lanarkshire farmers markets:



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