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Sma’ Shot Cottages, Paisley

You will be forgiven for thinking that you are stepping back in time when you arrive at the Sma’ Shot Cottages garden in Paisley. Hidden away in a quiet lane, close to Paisley town centre, this is little gem of a garden. Access to the garden is gained through the weavers cottage and visitors are immediately given a flavour of Paisley in the 18th century.

'Stepping back in time'

‘Stepping back in time’

Owned and run by the Old Paisley Society,the small charming courtyard garden is neatly sandwiched between the cottages, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for with delightful character, history and charm. Designed to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Sma’ Shot Cottages the planting of the various raised beds in the garden reflects the type of plants that would have been common around the 19th century.

Sma' Shot Cottages hidden gem

Sma’ Shot Cottages hidden gem

Two of the raised beds are appropriately constructed in the shape of the ‘Paisley Pattern’, the twisted teardrop shape pattern that the town of Paisley and the Paisley shawl is famous for. Planted with a mix of plants for spring and summer colour, this small garden is an ideal spot to enjoy some moments of peace and tranquility.

' Paisley patterned shaped beds'

‘ Paisley patterned shaped beds’

The 19th century planting scheme in the raised beds includes geraniums, peonies, astilbes and hostas with the exception of the ‘Sma’ Shot Viola, created especially for the 21st anniversary by the cottages gardening advisor, Hugh Boyd.

Another container, planted with Dainthus, ‘Paisley Gem’ is always in full boom for ‘Sma’ Shot Day’ which is celebrated in Paisley every year on the first Saturday in July.

'Dianthus Paisley Gem' will flower on Sma' Shot Day

‘Dianthus Paisley Gem’ will flower on Sma’ Shot Day

Paisley is famous for it’s textile industry and indeed the cottages are named after the Sma’ Shot, which was a binding thread essential in the weaving of the paisley shawl.
Visitors to the cottage complex and the garden are given a real sense of the towns textile history and a reminder of this is the grand ‘Ferguslie Mill’ bell that was given pride of place in the courtyard in 1997.

Pride of place for the restored 'Ferguslie Bell'

Pride of place for the restored ‘Ferguslie Bell’

The garden will be open as part of Scotland’s Gardens on Sunday 23rd June, 12:00pm – 4:00pm. Admission is £2. There is full disabled access and teas will be served.

Accord hospice will receive 40% of the proceeds with the remaining to Scotland’s Gardens.


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