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Deliciously Different….Borders Biscuits Christmas Box

Christmas is coming and there’s nothing quite like the festive season to be deliciously different with food and that’s exactly what Scottish company Borders Biscuits have called their Christmas box…..’Deliciously Different’ biscuit collection.

With food gifts becoming increasingly popular this new Christmas gift tin contains a fantastic selection of quality cookies and shortbread type biscuits and will be ideal as a gift on its own or as part of a gift basket.

The inspiration  for the Deliciously Different collection came from desserts and this gift box includes 6 melt in the mouth varieties. It is a great selection with biscuits to suit every taste and after eating these it is easy to see why Borders were awarded Cake and Biscuit Company of the year at this year’s Excellence Awards.

Reviewing these biscuits was as the name says,  so ‘Delicously Different’. From the lighter fresh taste of the Lemon Soufflé Cookie, the subtly tangy Chocolate and Orange Shortbread, Strawberry & Cream with lovely chewy pieces of strawberry and a creamy taste, to the rich Black Forest Cookies that really taste like Black Forrest Gateaux, Toffee Apple Crumbles with toffee that cracks in your mouth  and a lovely sugary toffee flavour and finally the Chocolate & Walnut Brownies that really do taste like fresh walnuts. Fantastic textures and flavours and all those different little desserts in a biscuit!

Very often the Christmas biscuit selection from the supermarkets and large manufacturers are presented in enticingly festive tins but fail to live up in flavour or quality. The Borders gift tin delivers what it says on the box….what you see is what you get, both in the taste and appearance of these truly great biscuits.

Borders biscuits have 31 varieties with 3 ranges, Classic, Outrageously Tasty and the featured Deliciously Different range. They are available in all the major supermarkets and the ‘Deliciously Different’ Christmas box is one of the items included in John Lewis festive hampers and is also available on line at Debenhams. The box retails at £7.50 and will make a most welcome Christmas ‘foodie’ present.


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