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A Wee Pinch Of Sugar


As someone who enjoys cooking and who feels she can produce reasonably good food for the family, takeaways have never featured much in our house. However as the boys got older and started going to college, University, concerts and the various nights out in the city, the ‘Takeaway’ has earned its place with them.

Words like, ‘best ever, ‘greatest ,Can’t beat it’ started to emerge to describe the various kebabs, pizzas, curries, and burritos that they discovered outside of my kitchen. Not that I grudge them the odd fat, high calorie,sugar, additive laden meal, but when it’s suggested that I could never make it like that, I immediately rise to the challenge.

I’m sure there are some very good takeaway establishments around and admittedly I am partial to the occasional Chinese, or Indian takeaway. However,don’t ask me to eat a Donner Kebab. The very sight of that huge lump of…

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